The AxiForm® Wall System … The Simpler Solution for Walls, Entryways, Monument Signs and More.

The AxiForm® wall system is a foam wall alternative to concrete walls, masonry walls, brick walls, and pre cast walls that has been developed over many years to provide landscape architects, builders, developers and other construction professionals with a simple, cost effective solution when creating durable perimeter security walls, monument signs, foam columns, fences, entryway features and other landscape elements.

Unlike other traditional wall systems the AxiForm® foam wall system is installed using pre-manufactured components comprising foam core panels, galvanized steel posts and rails finished with lightweight architectural accents.

AxiForm® technology is protected by a series of patents that have been filed over the last 15 years.

The AxiForm® wall system comprises a post and rail structural component enclosed in foam core panels coated with either a specially designed durable, impact resistant stucco mix (AxiPlast) or a polyurethane structural coating (Polygarde) also specifically designed for coating foam. The foam wall system can be complimented with foam core architectural accents.

The AxiForm® wall system is designed to withstand local building code requirements specifically related to wind loading, and foam walls can be designed to withstand up to 150 mph winds.

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AxiForm® Features & Benefits

The system is so versatile it allows unparalleled design flexibility and is equally applicable to perimeter walls, decorative entryways, freestanding columns and monument signs.